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February 19, 2003
Eavesdropping on the Commute

From a conversation overheard on the Metro:

Girl 1: "Mmm, I hate studying this geometry."

Girl 2: "You should have done your homework last night."

Girl 1: "Maybe I should quit." (Pause) "That would be dumb wouldn't it, to quit when I'm a junior."

Girl 2: "You want to get to college and get a job don't you?"

Girl 1: "Yeah. Why do some people quit like that, when they're close to being done?"

Girl 2: "I don't know."

Girl 1: "I am not gonna be cookin' fries when I'm 35. Girl, that is not me."

Girl 2: "Mmmmhmmm."

You go girl.

And then there is this recent announcement from the operator of my commuter train, as we pulled away from the station:

"For those of you who got on at our last stop: If there is a driver of a red '65 Mustang, your lights are on.


"So if that was you . . . you'd better figure out a way to turn them off."

And finally something from Caleb, though it has nothing to do with commuting, except in a very spiritual sense:

Me: "Caleb, pick out a story to read before bedtime."

Caleb (dragging kid's Bible off the shelf): "Here, let's read the big giant God and Jesus book."

Posted by Woodlief on February 19, 2003 at 01:21 PM


I can see it now...

Caleb: "Daddy, Daddy, read Isaiah again!"

Posted by: Misfit at February 19, 2003 1:30 PM

It never ceases to amaze me how easily some people can quit school, or even consider it. Maybe Girl 1 was joking...I can't quite tell from this context.

Still though.

It's scary how quickly someone will throw their future away.

Posted by: Jessica at February 19, 2003 5:38 PM

I've enjoyed your writing.Thank you

Posted by: Tom at February 20, 2003 8:17 PM

I will miss your writing greatly. Your weblog had become a regular haunt and I have found words with which to crystalize my pro-life sentiments. "Caroline's Journey" touched me deeply and your struggle amid faith is heroic. Thank you for your work and I wish you and your family every happiness.

Posted by: sjd at February 20, 2003 10:52 PM

Rage, rage agaist the dying of your site. (Sorry.)

I have over 1,000 "favorites" links, but only 12 "visit-very-often" sites, and yours is one of the 12.

If your other fans are not loudly objecting, it is probably because they respect your ability to make such decisions, and not that they don't care.

If you won't reconsider, you might start a pseudonymous blog, and ask Glenn Reynolds to link to it. Some of us will recognize your writing.

Aaaarrgh. Say it isn't so. Better yet, just ignore your own post -- your fans will not object.

Posted by: TomC at February 21, 2003 2:10 AM

A person does not encourage anyone he/she loves to continue doing anything that they are not very good at.(Excuse the grammar. Give me a break. It is 4:50 AM and I cannot sleep.) Your writing is something that must be done. OK. Maybe it cannot be done here. I guess. For some reason. I am not a writer, or a critic, or a teacher. I have read many great authors, though. It is true that I have "outgrown" some, like Hemmingway and Plath. These self-absorbed humans who sell many books are now making me a little sick as I get older. Your writing is filled with love for your fellow man, and you convey your thoughts in a way that is interesting and causes the reader to fill a little "let down" when your reach the end of your commentary or story. So, why do you think you are not "very" good? Those of us who read your work have lousy taste, right? OK. I'll leave it alone. I'll just wait for the book.

Posted by: Llana at February 21, 2003 4:49 AM


I agree with the previous posters. I too have many links, and your site one of the few that I check every day.

I have lurked your site for a long time. Your writings and life story helped me truly love my wife and daughter. I appreciate the time you have taken to share your thoughts. I hope you will reconsider but if not, thank you.

God Bless,

Posted by: Jeff at February 21, 2003 9:10 AM